15 August 2008, Blachownia was hit by tornado.

Three people were killed, more than thirty injured people in hospitals, thousands of broken trees, hundreds totaly destroyed homes, destroyed cars, will tear roofs, traffic accidents.

In the same town was destroyed 90 percent of trees in the old oaks, linden and poplar.
In the forest destruction some 100 meters wide and several kilometers long.
Some villages were completely destroyed, in some houses were all damaged.

Damages are erased to this day…

Broken tree as matches, the destruction of entire towns, landscape like after the war…
Sad and depressing view of this once green town…

CNN video

And second video I recorded one day after tornado in forest.
Sorry for poor quality but I have cell phone camera only.

And one more – compilation of photos before, in time and after this tornado.

More videos on YouTube

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